2020 Hess holiday truck honors first responders

2020 Hess holiday truck honors first respondershttps://d2d49q62n92ko8.cloudfront.net/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/29083236/Hess-holiday-truck.jpg

2020 Hess holiday truck honors first responders. The 2020 Hess holiday truck is a fitting coincidence.

Hess holiday truck

The latest model of the annual holiday toy features an ambulance that comes with a small rescue truck inside of it and the fuel supplier is dedicated to the first responders who have fought against the coronavirus pandemic in America.

But the company says the layout, which is the first ambulance in the toy’s 56-year history, was already set in stone long before COVID-19 became a global issue.

However, the company is thinking about investing into it with a campaign on its social media accounts asking people to post photos of their personal heroes from across the spectrum of first responders and essential workers, with the #ThankYouFirstResponders hashtag.

Hess holiday truck

The trucks feature a total of 96 lights, the most in Hess truck history, four sirens and…fortunately for parents and guardians…a mute mode for the blinking lights.

The Hess truck first sold in Hess stations in 1964 for $1.99 and some models are worth thousands of dollars today as collectibles. It has been sold online since the company stopped operating retail locations in 2015, and it is being made available earlier than usual this year due to potential supply issues caused by the pandemic priced at $36.99.


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