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Philip H. Grose III:  Owner/Co-Founder

Title: Director of Internal Operations and Quality Control

Philip H. Grose III:  Owner/Co-Founder

Hello and thank you for stopping by The Motor Masters! Well, I guess you could say that my love for cars started all the way back in the late 1940s and early 1950s when I was a toddler. At 13, my dad started to become one of the antique car collectors by buying and fixing cars. He became a Parts Manager for Shipman Ford from 1949-1952. From 1953-1958, he became the GM and Service Manager for Thomas Buick. Both of these dealerships were located in Hendersonville, NC and now have changed names and owners. 1958 was the year where things started taking off!

In 1958, my father got the rights to Lincoln-Mercury-GMC-Saab and opened our first dealership. I got my first job there when I was 10 years old doing odd jobs, such as sweeping floors, cleaning, washing and waxing cars, etc. In 1960, I got my first opportunity to fix and restore a car. It was a 1934 Ford 5 Window Coupe. This project took a year and half to complete. It was then that I got my first taste of what antique car restoration was all about!

I kept buying and restoring old antiques classics, such as A Models and T Models. I continued working on these types of cars up until the mid 1960s. From there, I started buying and restoring 1955, 1956, and 1957 Chevys and Fords. In 1965 and 1966, my father owned and sponsored a professional drag car, which was a 1965 Comet Cyclone that had a 289 271 High Performance Engine. One of our mechanics and I raced in 296 events across the Eastern United States, winning 292 of them. This was my first experience in racing and it was a blast!

In 1966, the Muscle Car Era had arrived. I owned and restored many of these beasts, including Mustangs, Camaros, Jaguar XJE Roadsters to name a few. I also got into the Antique Trucks. I continued this over the next two years of what is now becoming classic muscle car restoration.

In 1968, I was drafted into the Vietnam War. I stayed there until 1969, serving a year and a half. I am proud to be a Veteran who honors and respects those who have served in combat, to protect our great nation! Go USA!!

Once I came back from Vietnam, I became a car salesman for my dad in 1970. After two years, I became Used Car Manager in 1972 to 1974. From 1974-1976, I became New Car Manager. From 1976-1981, I was General Manager. In 1981, my father sold our dealership, due to the oil and gas crisis and hard hit recession. It was a sad ending to a long and fun run being involved with a family-owned dealership. However, it wasn’t the end of me being involved with the car business!

Since the sale of our dealership in 1982, I have worked in sales for other dealers. I have also had the opportunity of owning my own used car lot. But my passion was still buying and fixing up cars, which I continue to this day. It was in 2005 that my son came up with the name The Motor Masters because of my background and experience in the auto industry. He and I started restoring Jeep Grand Wagoneers, Mustangs, and Camaros as a hobby/business. With my background and his expertise in Marketing and Business Relations, The Motor Masters is no longer just a hobby. We are now an incorporated business and service to help you in all your automotive needs!

My responsibilities are overseeing day-to-day operations and quality control of each restoration. Whether its paint and body or mechanical, my job is to ensure that everything is done to perfection, including the smallest of details! Remember, the little things matter and it shows in the restoration. This can be the difference in a quality restoration. I’m very particular in what my finished products look like when complete and I want my customers to be overwhelmed, once they see it for the first time. As you know, first impressions sets the tone and how you will be judged. My philosophy is to go over and beyond my customers’ expectations.

I look forward to working with you!!!!

Philip H. Grose IV:  Owner/Co-Founder

Title: CEO

Philip H. Grose IV: Owner/Co-Founder

Like my father, I’ve been attached to the automobile business since the day I was born. I remember my dad having all kinds of different cars. These were either antique/vintage, convertibles, kit cars(or cars that he had built), new cars, etc. My fondest memories were always taking joyous rides through the town or on road trips. If only I could turn back the clock! Now it’s time to make our company one of the premier Classic and Muscle Car Dealers around.

I graduated from UNC-Wilmington in 1997 with a BS in Business Management/Marketing. Since the day I graduated, my goal was to own and operate my own business. However, I had no idea or plans to get into the auto business. Yes, I have always loved new and antique cars, but I never had the urge to get into the business. I guess you could say I wanted my own identity. Once I realized the history, background, potential, and the experience my family had accumulated, I decided to follow into my footsteps of my father and grandfather and get into car restoration shops industry.

Since my background is marketing, my responsibilities are to research, purchase, and market every aspect of the business. My goal is to find quality project cars for restoration and purchase all the necessary parts needed to complete. For Classic Car Consignment, I gather all necessary information about each vehicle to write effective ads, download all pictures for our customers’ vehicles, and complete all listings to market on our classified site or Ebay Auctions. I also can write ads for others who are trying to sell their autos. Lastly, my other responsibilities are handling all phone calls/ emails and Social Media outlets, such as Facebook, You Tube, Twitter, Tout, etc.

Feel free to contact me and I look forward to working with you!!!

Eric Cantrell: ASE Certified Mechanic

Eric Cantrell: ASE Certified Mechanic

Eric has 20 years experience working on cars. Not only is Eric a great mechanic, he has experience in mechanical and restoration work on both new and vintage vehicles. He has been working on cars since he was 16 years old. Some of Eric’s other talents and experience include Custom Build Restoration and building Hot Rods, Dragsters, and Race Cars. He has 20 years of experience to credit here. He is our Chief Mechanic and has extensive knowledge in of old Chevorlets and Mustangs. However, he knows just about anything on any model and make classic car!

Obed Solano: Interior

Obed has 15 years experience repairing and replacing interior parts for Classic, Luxury, High-End Vehicles.  He can do Custom and Original Interiors.  This includes Headliners, Seat Repairs, Convertible Tops, Dashes, Carpet, Door Panels, Kick Pads, Sun Visors, Consoles, etc.  You name it……he does it!!!!