The Best Selling Muscle Car Of 2018

The Best Selling Muscle Car Of 2018

The Best Selling Muscle Car Of 2018 is the Ford Mustang. The Ford Mustang was King of the Muscle Cars in 2018, but an old classic had its best year ever.

The best selling muscle car of 2018...Ford Mustang

Ford sold 75,842 Mustangs last year, down 7.4 percent, while Dodge sold 66,716 Challengers and Chevrolet just 50,963 Camaros, a drop off of 25 percent. Ford’s strong performance came off of a year of promotions surrounding the 50th anniversary of the Steve McQueen film ‘Bullitt’ and the resurfacing of the car from the movie after several years.


Meanwhile, the Challenger total was the model’s best showing since it returned way back in 2008, beating the 66,365 sold in 2015. That year Dodge introduced the 717 HP Hellcat car which helped reinvigorate the entire lineup. Since then, it’s kept things innovative with an all-wheel-drive Challenger that helped win over more customers in the snow belt states, and the 808 hp Demon, which holds the title of most-powerful American car.


For the time being. Ford is set to debut a new Mustang Shelby GT500 at the Detroit Auto Show on Jan 14 that it guarantees will have “over 700 hp,” but hasn’t yet said exactly how many will be produced. Meanwhile, General Motors is working on a mid-engine supercar that supposedly has as much as 1,000 hp, which is plenty of muscle even if it’s not a muscle car.

It appears that 2018 was a good year for the muscle cars between Ford, Dodge, and GM. It’s hard to say which one I like the best because I like all 3. But, if I had to choose one, I’m a guy who loves horsepower, so that would be the Dodge Challenger Hellcat or Demon. When you have a car that has 700 to 800 horsepower, how can you turn it down? I’ll take mine red with tan interior with white racing stripes. Can’t go wrong with that!

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