BMW Helps Bring Back The Toyota Supra For 2020

BMW Helps Bring Back The Toyota Supra For 2020

BMW Helps Bring Back The Toyota Supra For 2020. Since everyone seems to love a recreation these days, Toyota is getting in on the action with the first Toyota Supra sports car it’s sold in the United States in twenty years.

Toyota Supra

The long-awaited coupe premiering at the Detroit Auto Show is a collaboration with BMW that has also produced a new Z4 roadster, but looks every bit the modern Toyota and features an inline-six-cylinder engine just like the classic Supras of old.


This one’s a 3.0-liter that’s turbocharged to put out 335 HP, and the Supra has RWD, a perfect 50/50 weight distribution and can hit 60 mph in 4.1 seconds. It only comes with an 8-speed automatic transmission, but comes standard with a computer-controlled suspension and active rear differential that shifts power from side to side to improve handling.

Toyota Supra engine

Toyota’s president Akio Toyoda, who races cars as a hobby and is one of the brand’s certified Master Drivers, personally took it to the track for development driving. (Must be nice to be in charge of your grandfather’s company, huh?)

Toyota Supra Race Car

Toyota is also putting the Supra’s name and face on its spec Nascar Xfinity Series cars this season to drive the performance point home. Toyota’s North American General Manager, Jack Hollis, says the company feels the same passion level of purchase consideration as Ford and Chevrolet among NASCAR fans and expects the Supra to connect with them just as good as the Camry and Tundra have.

Toyota Supra Interior

It’s very much a grand tourer, however, with an upscale, two-seat interior and plenty of electronic safety aids including automatic emergency brakes, lane-keeping assist and adaptive cruise control, but you can always turn them off and just drive.

Prices will start at $50,920 when the Supra speeds into the dealer showrooms this summer. Talk about a fair price for an iconic Toyota!


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