Here’s The Jeff Begg Car Collection

Here’s The Jeff Begg Car Collection

Here’s the Jeff Begg Car Collection. Dirty little secrets are rarely this massive. An eclectic car, motorcycle and parts collection found after the May 2018 death of a Michigan man who had collected it over the years is heading to the auction block.

Jeff Begg Car Collection-Citroen Type SM SB

According to VanDerBrink Auctions, Jeff Begg was an engineer who was employed by Dana Corporation, created several manufacturing companies by himself and fell under the spending bug of eBay when he was closing out his wife’s account following her death in 2003.

Jeff Begg Car Collection-1936 S Window Coupe

Begg loved cars, machines, and motorcycles and bid on pretty much everything that caught his attention. Over the years, he bought dozens of mostly British bikes, 38 classic midget and sprint cars and 70 automobiles from a variety of eras.

Jeff Begg Car Collection

He didn’t let many people know about the collection, though. Even the few that did know had no clue of its existence until they started going through his affairs and discovered several buildings filled with what they called his “dirty little secret.”

1952 Vincent Series C Rapide

Among the most valuable cars he owned is a 1952 Vincent Series C Rapide motorcycle, a 1936 Ford 3 Window Coupe, a 1973 Citroen Type SB SM sedan, a Ford Cosworth F1 engine and a 1996 Ferrari 456 GT Coupe.

Ford Cosworth Engine

Online bidding is up for grabs now and the on-site auction takes place in Springfield, Mich., on Jun 15.

Ferrari 456 GT

It will be very interesting how much the Jeff Begg Car Collection will bring at auction.


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