Historic Packard Automotive Plant Bridge Collapses

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The historic Packard Automotive Plant bridge collapses in Detroit. An iconic symbol of Detroit’s iconic automotive days, demise and resurgence was destroyed on Wednesday afternoon when a bridge connecting two buildings at the historic Packard Automotive Plant collapsed onto the street below it.

No one was injured in the incident, which the facility’s current owner said was due to a combination of existing structural problems and recent temperature changes. Fallen bricks were noticed by construction crews earlier in the day and, as a precaution, East Grand Boulevard was closed to traffic.

historic Packard Automotive Plant

Construction of the plant began in 1903 and it was the largest in the world for many years, growing to cover 42 acres by the time automotive production ended in 1954. In addition to automobiles, it was used to manufacture airplane engines during both World Wars. According to the Detroit News, the bridge was built in 1939 and was an integral part of the assembly process, used to transport vehicle bodies from one building to the other.

historic Packard Automotive Plant circa 1910

After its automotive business closed its doors in 1958, parts of the factory were leased out to a variety of companies, but it was slowly abandoned as it deteriorated and became a frequently photographed landmark of urban decay. It was finally vacant in 2010 and most of it was sold to a developer at a foreclosure auction in 2013 for $405,000.

historic Packard Automotive Plant 2013

The plant is currently undergoing a $300 million redevelopment as a mixed-use facility that is expected to take a decade or longer to complete, with the first building scheduled to open to tenants next year.

historic Packard Automotive Plant inside

The bridge, which is owned by both the developer and the city along with an adjacent building, had been off-limits to group tours over the past few years due to concerns about its stability and was wrapped in a covering depicting an image of how it looked when the plant was in operation.

The Grand Tour cast

It featured in the season premiere of Amazon’s hit car show “The Grand Tour,” which debuted last Friday but was shot several months earlier. The episode focused on Muscle Cars and was set in Detroit, with the hosts driving their cars on the streets around the plant in one segment.


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