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Very Nice Restomod Jeep

Jeep honors the Wagoneer and Cherokee with this Restomod! See it HERE and for the info.

Hagerty Values are Cooling Down a Bit!

March 2015 numbers HERE show a Cooling Trend!

Poll: Best Automotive Taglines Of All Time

Over the years, consumers and have seen on TV or read in Newspapers Auto Manufacturers Slogans that separate themselves from their competitors. HERE is the New Poll on which one came out on top.

$30M in Private Sale of 27 British Classic and Exotic Autos

Big Sales Figures for these Classics! Check it out HERE for the details!

Detroit Auto Shows Off The New Ford GT, F150, and Shelby GT350R

Read all about it HERE!

Top 10 Future Collectible Classic Cars of 2015 by Hagerty

Hagerty releases it's Top 10 Future Collectible Classic Cars.  Read HERE for the info.

JC Whitney Shares With Us A Century Of Auto Parts Memorabilia

Great Article about JC Whitney. View HERE all the Photos and Info.

The impact of RM Sotheby’s Deal with the Classic Car Market

A very interesting read on how the Classic Car Market will be impacted by this deal. Read HERE for the info.

Hagerty Market Rating UP, but Values are Leveling Off

Hagerty's Classic Car Meter went up slightly in February to 70.61.  This is up from January's  70.38 Rating. Read HERE to see how Classic Car Values are doing!

How Classic Cars Fare Compared To Other Collectibles Sold At Auctions?

If you ever wonder how Classic Cars rank in the hierarchy at the auction block, compared to other valuable collectibles. HERE is a good article to see!

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