Rare 1973 CJ-5 Super Jeep Is Up For Sale On Ebay For $1M

Rare 1973 CJ-5 Super Jeep Is Up For Sale On Ebay For $1Mhttps://d2d49q62n92ko8.cloudfront.net/wp-content/uploads/2019/05/09212935/1973-CJ-5-Super-Jeep.jpg

A Rare 1973 CJ-5 Super Jeep Is Up For Sale On Ebay For $1M. Really…a million dollars for a Jeep CJ?

That was the asking price for a very rare 1973 CJ-5 Super Jeep offered for sale on Ebay.

The Super Jeep was a limited edition special AMC put together when it was running low on aluminum wheels for the CJ-5 Renegade and had to have something special for showrooms.

1973 CJ-5 Super Jeep

Along with a set of white-painted steelies wrapped in whitewall tires, the Super comes with a chrome front bumper, black wheel arch extensions, roll bar, two-tone interior and a signature stars and stripes decal package that made it look like something from a Marvel comic of the 1970s. Available in a variety of colors and with either a straight-six or V8 engine, only around 300 are believed to have been built, but no one knows for sure. Record keeping wasn’t so important at the time.

1973 CJ-5 SUper Jeep engine

It’s not known how many are still around today, but they are so rare that one was on display as a special exhibit at the Petersen Automotive Museum last year. That truck and the one on Ebay were once part of the same collection, and have both been fully restored. The one on Ebay is a six-cylinder that is all original with 61,000 miles on the odometer and has a new old stock vinyl roof and reupholstered seats. But is it really worth $1 million?

1973 CJ-5 Super Jeep side view

Alec Gold, the owner, is from a family that owned a Jeep dealership in Brooklyn for six decades, and he apparently knows a few things about marketing them. He tells The Motor Masters that after the Super started spreading through the collector car folks and the Jeep was on BarnFinds.com, he lowered the price a little…$45,500 to be precise, which is what he planned to sell it for any way.

Super Jeep

That’s definitely more realistic for what similar ones have sold for recently and just above the Hagerty Price Guide estimate for the model, which is still super cool regardless of what it’s worth today.

If you do happen to have $1 million and are looking for something odd to spend it on, don’t worry, because there’s a 1964 VW Beetle with 23 miles for sale in Oregon that you may be interested in.


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