As you are researching who the best car restoration shops or custom car restoration shops are, you ultimately have to find the one you trust for the restoration process. The Motor Masters is a full service car restoration shops.


Our Vehicle Restoration Shops goes through a thorough and detailed process from start to finish. The first thing we do is check all the mechanics and Drive Train. The first inspection is the Engine, which includes the Carburetor, Fuel Filters, Fuel Pump, Vacuum Hoses, Water Pump, Spark Plugs and Wires, Coil, Fan Clutch, Battery, Electronic Module, and any Gaskets that need replacing. We also check Oil & Filter and Air Filter. These are also replaced as necessary.

The next examination is the Air Conditioning. We examine the all the Hoses and Seals and then convert from R12 to R134. This includes all Fittings and Seals that need to be replaced and replaced with a new Dryer. We evacuate the system, recharge with R134, and inspect all Lines, Seals, and Compressor for leaks. Parts get replaced that do not pass inspection.

Our next examination is the Cooling System. This includes the Radiator and Hoses/Clamps. We flush and replace all items that do not pass our inspection.

The Charging System is the next process. This includes the Battery, Alternator, and all Belts and Ground Straps. We replace these parts AS NEEDED.

Ron Rutan and Jeremy Roszko handles all inspections and repairs.


This important process is our next step. This includes the inspection of the Front and Rear Differentials. We inspect the fluids and replace with new fluid IF NEEDED. Once completed, we look for cracks and leaks.

The next inspection is the Front and Rear Suspensions. This includes Springs, Shocks, Ball Joints, Upper and Lower Tie Rod Ends, and Front and Rear Stabilizer Bars. Once complete, we then examine Grease Fittings and grease IF NEEDED.

Next, we inspect the Power Steering, Steering Gear, Hoses, and Pump. We repair and replace AS NEEDED.

The bottom of the engine is the next examination. We check the bottom for any major leaks or cracked Oil Pan. We then repair if we feel if it’s a major problem. If not, we make minor adjustments to ensure there are no major oil leaks.

The Exhaust System comes next. This includes the Headers, Y Pipe, Catalytic Converter, Muffler, Tail Pipe, and Hangers. These are replaced AS NEEDED.

The final examination is The Brake System. This includes Brake Booster, Master Cylinder, Front Rotors, Calipers, Pads, Drums, Brake Shoes, Wheel Cylinders, Seals, and Brake Lines. These are replaced AS NEEDED. At this time, we also inspect the Gas Tank and Shield.

All of these inspections is also under the control of Eric Cantrell.

The final process, once all the prior inspections are complete, is taken it to our Transmission Mechanic Jack Surrette. He inspects the Transmission. If it’s a 4WD, then he inspects the Transfer Case. This includes Seals, Fluids, Filters, and adjustments that are needed. If bad, then they are replaced.


The first thing we inspect is all Headlights, Brake Lights, Bulbs, Turn Signals, Horn, and Switches. If bad, we then replace.

Next, we inspect Power Windows, Door Locks, Seats, Radio, AC/Heater Switches and Gauges. We replace AS NEEDED.

These examinations are under the control of Eric Cantrell.

Next is the Seat Covers, Carpet, Door Panels, Headliner and Sun Visors. Depending on the condition of these items will determine whether to repair or replace.

If any Interior Work is needed, Obed Salano is the person who handles it.


This includes repairs of Dents, Dings, and any Rust. After this is complete, the vehicle is Stripped(IF NEEDED), Sanded, Primed, Sealed, and Clearcoat Painted. This Standard process includes 3 coats of Basecoats, 3 Coats of Clearcoats, and Rust Inhibitor. However, we can do any Custom Job if requested, based on how many coats you would like. After paint is dry, we Wet-Sand and Buff entire vehicle.


We replace any tires that are needed and do a COMPLETE DETAIL of vehicle, which includes Inside and Outside of vehicle, under hood, and undercarriage. Next, the vehicle is inspected for all work that has been done. Once complete, then it is ready for sale.


Inspection Fees are $500 for any Vehicle sent to our Shop and daily/monthly storage fees, depending on location. They are waived if Customer decides to proceed with Restoration after an estimate is put together by our team. If Customer decides to store their vehicle with us during Non-Restoration times and after Restoration is complete, there will be a storage charge of $20 a day outside storage and $30 per day indoor storage OR $400 a month. This is for both Hendersonville, NC and West Palm Beach, FL locations. These same fees apply if Customer decides not to restore their vehicle and fees are based on the date estimate was emailed to customer.


Once an Estimate is put together, we generally require 50%-75% upfront, depending on the type of work needed done to complete Restoration. However some will require 100% upfront if we feel the need to do so. Very rare will that occur. We try to give a dependable time frame to complete Restoration…usually 6-9 months…however this is simply a guess time frame….not set in stone! This time frame is for a Daily Driver Restoration ONLY. Sometimes we finish earlier than our suggested time frame. Frame Off/Rotisserie Restorations can take 1-2 years MINIMUM to complete. Once Deposit is made, and Estimate is agreed upon by The Motor Masters Worldwide LLC and Customer, ALL SALES ARE FINAL….NO REFUNDS! If Customer does not pay us for the remaining amount due, we have the right to confiscate vehicle as Collateral.