Rod Stewart’s 1971 Lamborghini Miura To Sell For BIG BUCKS

Rod Stewart’s 1971 Lamborghini Miura To Sell For BIG BUCKS

Rod Stewart’s 1971 Lamborghini Miura To Sell For BIG BUCKS. Does it look sexy?

Many people and those in the collector car market consider the Lamborghini Miura to be the most iconic supercar of all time and music sensation Rod Stewart is one of those who fell in love with this car. And now, thus white Miura P400 S that Stewart purchased in 1971 is going up for sale at auction.

Front View

Stewart wrote in his 2012 autobiography “Rod” that his love of cars was what jump started him into his singing career.

‘I wanted to get enough money to buy a car, pure and simple. I could only do two things — sing and play football, and I was too lazy to play football professionally,” he wrote” “So music it was. With hindsight, it wasn’t a bad choice.’

Back Side View

He’s owned quite a few Lamborghinis and other exotic cars since then, but not that many can compare with the Miura. Debuting in 1966, it set the bar for all of the supercars that came after with its low-slung body, V12 engine and then-blistering 170 mph top speed.


The singer’s right-hand-drive model was furnished with a black interior, factory air conditioning and seatbelts, and all optional equipment that was available at that time. Priced around $20,000 when new, this 28K mile car was recently restored to its original condition by Lamborghini Cost? How about over $450,000!

It’s scheduled to cross the block at the RM Sotheby’s auction in London on Sept. 5. With less than 800 produced in a seven-year production period, even an ordinary Miura like this is worth $1.5-$2 million today, but this one nowhere near being ordinary. There is no telling what this will bring at auction. Only the winning bidder will know when he/she buys it. But whoever buys it will own a piece of iconic car history.


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