Chevrolet confirms Stingray name for mid-engine Corvette

Chevrolet confirms Stingray name for mid-engine Corvette. The first mid-engine Corvette will sport another familiar name. Chevrolet has confirmed that the all-new mid-engine sports car will debut with the entry-level version when it is unveiled on July 18. After nearly being dormant for nearly 30...

The Last Front Engine Corvette Sells For $2.7M At Barrett-Jackson

The last front-engine Corvette sold for $2.7 million for charity at the Barrett-Jackson Northeast auction at Mohegan Sun Resort. The last front engine Corvette built by Chevrolet won't be built until September, but it was sold on Friday night for an unbelievable price. The next-generation...

Last Front-Engine Chevrolet Corvette Headed To Barrett-Jackson

The Last front-engine Chevrolet Corvette headed to Barrett-Jackson to support first responders, injured service members. The first mid-engine Chevrolet Corvette is expected to be produced later this year, which means the last front-engine one will be in production soon. The date has not been officially...

Meet The Callaway “Aerowagen” Corvette

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Electric Corvette Sets New Landspeed Record Of 205MPH

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