Jay Leno Likes Domestic Cars Because ‘I’m American’

Jay Leno Likes Domestic Cars Because 'I'm American'. Jay Leno can, and basically does own any car he wants to. The legendary comic has over 150 of them in a collection that ranges from an original Fiat 500 Microcar to a McLaren F1 worth over...

Jay Leno And The Original Concept Car: 1938 Buick Y Job

Jay Leno always drives the best Collector Cars! As a concept car in 1938, the Buick Y-Job traveled around the country to show future design elements that would be incorporated in upcoming GM products. When the Y-Job was initially designed by design legend Harley Earl...

Jay Leno’s 2017 Ford GT Arrives

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Jay Leno’s Garage Fun For His New Cable TV Show

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