Wayne Newton’s wild custom Mercedes-Benz is up for auction

Wayne Newton's wild custom Mercedes-Benz is up for auction. Performer Wayne Newton is one of a kind and that goes for one of his cars, too. The Las Vegas legend's custom 1981 Mercedes-Benz 380 SL is coming up for sale at the upcoming Barrett-Jackson auction...

Michael Jordan’s Last Dance Mercedes-Benz sells for $202,200

Michael Jordan's 'Last Dance' Mercedes-Benz sells for $202,200. It was a poster dunk of a used car sale. A 1996 Mercedes-Benz S600 originally owned by NBA legend Michael Jordan has been sold on Ebay for $202,200. Jordan can be seen driving it during an episode...

Car Collectors Killed By Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Car collectors killed by carbon monoxide fumes while storing their cars for the winter. A classic car-collecting couple died after inhaling exhaust fumes, AKA Carbon Monoxide poisoning, as they were putting a vehicle into a protective plastic storage bubble, according to investigators assigned to the...

The 90th Anniversary of Mercedes-Benz And The “White Elephants”

Click HERE on the 90th Anniversary of Mercedes-Benz and the "white elephants" in Nurburgring.

Mercedes-Benz Selling Part Of It’s Museum Collection

Read HERE about the upcoming sell of the Mercedes-Benz Collection!